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07.23.2016-07.24.2016 Introduction to Grasshopper


2-Day Workshop
July 23, 2016 10AM-4PM
July 24, 2016 10AM-4PM


Somewhere Something
530 South Main Street
Los Angeles, California 90013



Hardware requirements

PC running Windows (recommended)
Mac running OS (Bootcamp recommended)

Software requirements

Rhino 5 ver.SR3 or newer
(free trial version)
Grasshopper 1
(available free)
*see below for Mac users

Recommended for

All Skill Levels


Jason King
Biayna Bogosian

*if you are using a Mac, it is strongly recommended that you install Windows on your machine through Boot Camp. If you prefer not to do so, you may download a copy of Rhino WIP for Mac here. Please keep in mind that this is an early, beta release of Grasshopper for Mac and is still unstable and unable to run most plugins. However, it is considered sufficient for learning Grasshopper.

Introduction to Grasshopper

This two-day workshop introduces participants to Grasshopper, a node-based algorithmic editor that functions as a plug-in within the Rhinoceros3D environment. Grasshopper enables designers to explore variation and possibilities in an efficient workflow. Furthermore, Grasshopper has encouraged a vast community of users who have created an impressive body of reference, as well as plugins that greatly extend the functionality of Grasshopper to achieve varied, and very specific, tasks. In this workshop we will focus on an overview of the plug-in, geometry types and attributes, geometry construction and transformation, and list and data tree structure and management. Through lectures and hands on exercises, the participants will be able to compose various geometry constructs that demonstrates variation and transformation through their embedded adaptive logic.

Topics Covered

  • How to navigate the user interface.
  • Why design with algorithms?
  • What is parametric design?
  • How to store and access data efficiently.
  • How to use attractor data to influence geometry construction/manipulation.
  • What are the different geometry types in Grasshopper?
  • Efficient implementation into a proposed design problem.

About the Instructors

Biayna Bogosian and Jason King are co-founders of Somewhere Something and have over two decades of combined experience in architecture, design technology, and teaching. We strive to make our workshops fun and informative, helping participants integrate new design technologies into their workflows.