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07.30.2016-07.31.2016 Intermediate Grasshopper


2-Day Workshop
July 30, 2016 10AM-4PM
July 31, 2016 10AM-4PM


Somewhere Something
530 South Main Street
Los Angeles, California 90013



Hardware requirements

PC running Windows (recommended)
Mac running OS (Bootcamp recommended)

Software requirements

Rhino 5 ver.SR3 or newer
(free trial version)
Grasshopper 1
(available free)
*see below for Mac users
(available free)
(available free)

Recommended for

Some Grasshopper Knowledge


Jason King
Biayna Bogosian

*if you are using a Mac, it is strongly recommended that you install Windows on your machine through Boot Camp. If you prefer not to do so, you may download a copy of Rhino WIP for Mac here. Please keep in mind that this is an early, beta release of Grasshopper for Mac and is still unstable and unable to run most plugin (which we will be using in the workshop). We welcome you to join us, but want you to be aware of the limitations. We, too, are anxiously awaiting a full Mac version.

Intermediate Grasshopper

This two-day advanced Grasshopper workshop will focus on complex geometry creation techniques, logic operations and advanced data tree management in Grasshopper, as well as utilizing number of Grasshopper Plugins. Through lectures and hands on exercises, the participants will construct the following two case studies:

1. The Cutty Sark pavilion by BAKOKO Architects is a pavilion scale case-study with interesting geometry which will allow us to delve into advanced geometry construction and data management techniques. We will install and utilize the Lunchbox plugin for this exercise for number of surface operations.

2. The Marlins Park by Populous architectural firm is a baseball stadium with an operating truss roof structure. The complexity of this case study's roof structure will allow us to further explore data tree management tool as well as logic construction techniques in Grasshopper. We will install and utilize the Centipede plugin for this exercise in order to generate a sequential animation of the operable roof.

Topics Covered

  • What are Data Trees? Why do we need them?
  • How to create and manage complex geometric relationships.
  • How to install and use plugins in Grasshopper.
  • How to create drawings, renderings and animations in Grasshopper.

About the Instructors
Jason King & Biayna Bogosian have nearly two decades of combined experience in architecture, design technology, and teaching. We strive to make our workshops fun and informative, helping participants integrate new design technologies into their workflows.