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Force Fields

Inspired by the landscape of the HelloWood campsite, Forcefields installation creates a forest-like resting island that much like its surroundings is made of multiple discrete parts that create a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. This installation is made of two main elements: a folded walkable surface with a pattern of holes, and a field of dowels that connect to the holes of the surface.

The topology of the folded surface is representing the grade changes in a typical open site. In this instance 25cm height variation is created throughout the overall 20sqm area of the surface. This walkable plane is made of 24mm plywood that is framed using standard framing members. A pattern of 900 circular holes is generated using a magnetic field algorithm that uses two designated seating areas (two points) as triggers to redistribute a grid of circles on the surface. This pattern is manually marked and created using a hole saw before the surface is assembled to ensure that the subtraction of the holes are always perpendicular to the faces of the plywood planes. The second main component of the installation is a field of dowels (25mm in diameter) that connect to the base simply by going through the holes of the surface. There are total of 750 dowels that represent the changing landscape of the surroundings. These dowels naturally follow the subtraction direction of the holes and are always perpendicular to the folded planes. The dowels go through the top surface until the ground stops them. No glue or hardware will be utilized in the connection of the dowels to the base and therefore they can be disassembled at any time. To accelerate the construction process, we will assign indices to each hole on the base that would then correspond to its complimentary dowel. The lengths of the dowels are between 20-2000 mm, which are relative to a circulation path selected on the base in order to create a gradient change in the field. This gradient is interrupted in two areas along the circulation path where the dowels are cut to the same height in order to support planar plywood pieces that create the lounging areas.

Force Fields


Budapest, Hungary

Hello Wood


Biayna Bogosian