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08.27.2016 Physical Computing with Firefly


August 27, 2016 10AM-4PM


308 E 9th St, Unit 503
Los Angeles, California 90015



Hardware requirements

Laptop running Windows
Arduino Inventor's Kit (available here)

*see below for Mac users

Software requirements

Rhino 5 ver.SR3 or newer
(free trial version)
Grasshopper 1
(available free)
(available free)
(available free)

Recommended for

All Skill Levels


Jason King
Biayna Bogosian

*Firefly is not compatible with Mac OS. If you would like to attend, consider installing Windows on your machine via Boot Camp.

Physical Computing with Firefly

Firefly is a set of comprehensive software tools dedicated to bridging the gap between Grasshopper, the Arduino microcontroller and other input/output devices like web cams, mobile phones, lights, motors and many more. It allows near real-time data flow between the digital and physical worlds – enabling the possibility to explore virtual and physical prototypes with unprecedented fluidity.

Through lectures and demonstrations, participants will learn how to sense various data sources (environmental, behavioral, web-based) and use the information to create interactive prototypes controlling actuators including servo motors and LED lights. This workshop is suitable for those interested in interactive environments, design robotics and fabrication, and implementation of the Internet of Things. Requires purchase of the Arduino Inventor's Kit.

Topics Covered

  • What is Firefly? What is Arduino?
  • How to navigate the user interface.
  • How to sense data and accurately scale (or remap) values to work with a specific design problem.
  • How to wire and power your prototype correctly.
  • An overview of sensors and actuators available and where to purchase them.
  • How to use Twitter data to control your design.

About the Instructors

Biayna Bogosian and Jason King are co-founders of Somewhere Something and have over two decades of combined experience in architecture, design technology, and teaching. We strive to make our workshops fun and informative, helping participants integrate new design technologies into their workflows.